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Why Using a Virtual Greeter is the Best Option for Your Company

Julia Corbin
2021-10-05 17:30:00

If you weren't already convinced after meeting her, here are all of the reasons why using a virtual greeter is the best option for your company. What company doesn't want to put their best foot forward, whether it's a physical location, trade show, conference, or at your corporate office! Once you get to know a bit more about them, you will realize they work in just about any space. 

So, why is a digital greeter the best option for your company?

 If your company prides itself on being innovative and always looking towards the future, what better way to showcase that than with a virtual greeter powered by AI to help you make the best first and lasting impression. A virtual greeter is a unique, eye-catching, and memorable experience for anyone that enters your business. They have all of the benefits of a regular employee

Dress (Dressed to impress)

Wear the exact uniform you want

Person torso head (Maintain the human experience)

Fully customizable

World (Preserve company image)

Branded to your company's image

They fit right in with all the rest of your employees. They use natural expressions and gestures exactly as a real employee would without coming across as a creepy-humanoid-like robot (ever heard of the uncanny valley?) They look -

  • Friendly
  • Approachable
  • Make direct eye contact
  • Bonus: they even have a sense of humor!

Female Wardrobe, Style & Character Options_no logo


They aren't there to replace or pretend to be one of your human employees, they are an addition that allows your real human employees to do their best work and stay focused. 

How do virtual greeters do that?

By allowing the humans to do tasks that only humans can do! While a human employee might feel a bit bored after a long day of mundane or repetitive tasks or could get distracted if they have to walk away from a task to greet a guest. A virtual greeter quite literally can't feel bored or get distracted! They welcome repetition because, with every interaction, they get smarter and smarter. Yes, it continuously improves to become the best greeter there ever was. That way, humans can continue to work on the high-value tasks that they need to get done without needing to step away from them. Allow for more focus, fewer distractions, and an all-around smoother work environment.

Another huge bonus, whether it's this past year when viruses have been at the top of our minds, or any regular ol' flu season, a virtual greeter allows your business to provide a touch-free customer service experience. This will keep everyone from your guests to your human employees safe from any illness that is going around. A virtual greeter can't get sick or spread germs (or take sick days for that matter). And their advanced speech recognition makes it so even with a mask on they can tell what you're saying - which let's be real, is a struggle for all of us. How many times have you had to say, "what, sorry, can you repeat that?" at the grocery store when they are just asking "paper or plastic?" - ahh, the times we live in!

Since we can create and deploy virtual greeters quickly, they are an easy solution to help level up your company. It's simple on your end too!


They are fully trained upon arrival (an employee you don't need to train! Amazing, right?)

Scalable Train once deploy many

No matter how many units you have, the training process only needs to happen once.

You could have a thousand units and only have to put the work in once!  It sounds like a dream! Imagine training a thousand new human employees at one time. And being able to make remote content updates, means that whether you have 1 or 100 units, any updates can automatically be applied to all of them. 

So now we know that this welcomer is smart - but just how smart? Oh, don't worry, she will tell you!

Megaphone (Notifies staff)

A virtual greeter is smart enough to be able to track all of their interactions. Yes, all! And they give you all of that data so you can stay up to speed on how they are doing. What to know how long someone engaged with the unit? It tracks that! What about how many people interacted with the unit? Got that too! Want to know what information people are finding the most valuable and what questions are being asked the most? Yup, that's tracked too.

Report (Customized reports)

Let's say there is a question that is being repeatedly asked that the virtual greeter doesn't have an answer for.  Wouldn't that be good to know? Well, you can because our team will review those, and that gives you an opportunity to decide if it's important enough to 'train' the greeter just like any other employee to have a better answer. 

Its knowledge base increases over time along with its value!

Having a greeter is the perfect way to put your company's best foot forward and increase the productivity of your human employees while creating a memorable experience for your guests. We call that a win-Win-WIN!

Why wouldn't you use a virtual greeter for your company? 




Here are some clients that have realized why using a virtual greeter is the best option for their company...

WCU_VMS The_Salvation_Army_Greeter DRI_Desert Research Institute_WAY


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