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PRSONAS-Greeter Live Event

Say Hello to the PRSONAS-Greeter™

Julia Corbin
2021-08-13 18:00:00

We want to introduce you to our virtual greeter!

To put it simply, a virtual greeter is a digital avatar that acts as a brand ambassador by welcoming guests and answering questions. A greeter can be deployed anywhere that people should feel welcomed or have questions that need to be answered. They can work the entrance of any show or live event. They can be placed in malls or retail locations to greet people who are shopping and answer questions about the location or the business. They can be there to welcome anyone who comes into your corporate office, giving a professional and high-tech first impression to your visitors. The options are truly endless!

Imagine having an employee that shows up on their first day fully trained and ready to work!

And that employee continues to learn with every interaction they have and gets smarter and smarter without having to pay her more! I know it might sound too good to be true but that is the power of PRSONAS™.

Let’s take you through exactly how they do it!

You are at a trade show and see a super cute digital hologram! Dressed in the exact same outfit as the people who are running the booth next to her. (Did we mention they are fully customizable?) The logo, colors, everything is a perfect match. She is smiling and making eye contact with everyone walking past. What is this thing? You start walking up to her and before you even get the chance to engage she greets you with a friendly “Hello!”

Wow, she talks?? And she’s talking to me? Must just be a video on loop or something, like a fancy banner, right? Totally by chance.

Nope, she’s actually talking to YOU. You are now communicating with a hologram powered by AI (or artificial intelligence) How many people can say they’ve done that?

This is your first time talking to a hologram so you are a little unsure. But before you get the chance to overthink it she starts engaging in a conversation- letting you know about the company she is working with, why they are here, their story, their vision. She explains things in such a human way, down to her expressions and gestures, it all feels so natural. She isn’t creepy like those AI holograms you see in movies and TV shows. It’s such a unique and entertaining experience talking to her. She’s an approachable character that you can have a real conversation with, in real-time, no need to type or touch anything because it's hands-free. While you are asking questions and learning about the company she is representing, she is learning from you.

Behind her friendly smile she is using your conversation to continue to learn and improve how she interacts- Just like any other employee that continues to get better the longer they stay at a job. She learns what questions are asked the most frequently, how to best answer those questions, and keeps you engaged. AND she remembers those interactions and gives a rundown of that data to her boss so that they are in the loop as well about the customer interactions. Actually, the boss has to access that data via her analytics portal but you get the idea!

She isn't there to replace humans, just there to reduce their workload!

Leaving them time and energy to focus on the more important tasks!

While she is answering people’s questions all day, it leaves the human employees to do the things that only humans can do.  She takes on all the mundane tasks, leaving your human employees feeling much more motivated. We all know that we turn a little robotic when we have to answer the same questions 100+ times a day, crazy how an actual “robot” doesn’t, right?

PRSONAS-Greeter™ Welcoming Visitors to a Live Event in Chicago

Want to know more about how having a virtual greeter can be beneficial for your company?

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