What is PRSONAS-Greeter™?
Meet the Perfect Brand Ambassador!


PRSONAS-Greeter™ welcomes clients to your office, live event, retail, or any other physical location. A friendly and branded first impression gives them the desired information about your business or facility. 

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What Happens When Your Guest Walks Up?

PRSONAS-Greeter™ initiates the greeting with your guests in a safe, touchless way.
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Guests can engage in a real conversation with the advanced speech recognition.
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Your guest gets all the information they need in a professional,  memorable way. 
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The Greeter gathers key insights for future use to meet and exceed your guest's expectations.

How Does PRSONAS-Greeter™ Work?

A PRSONAS-Greeter™ handles everything your guest needs so that your team can focus on high-value tasks more productively with fewer interruptions. It's your best brand ambassador, transforming the digital customer experience.

Here are some of the features you can customize:

Choose from a variety of human characteristics to represent your brand.
Facial Features

Character Appearance

Language Icon

Languages spoken

Human Gestures

Gestures & Expressions


Include American Sign Language


Your Unique Message

Select a  PRSONAS™ Display

Choose one of our turnkey interactive devices or speak to a PRSONAS™ representative on how to deploy the PRSONAS™ Digital Personality on your existing hardware:



PRSONAS-Greeter™ is customized to your brand and image.

Extra Details To Make You Stand Out From All Your Competitors

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Fully Trained Upon Arrival

PRSONAS-Greeter™ is programmed to start answering questions from the minute it is set up. 

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Initiates The Greeting

Your guests are greeted warmly and professionally with motion-activated technology.

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Handsfree / Touchless Engagement

No need for your staff or your guests to worry! The Greeter engages with human conversation. 

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Capture Event Lead Information

Use an innovative solution at your live event to capture lead information for future marketing. 

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Speaks Any Language

Overcome language barriers with your guests. PRSONAS-Greeter™ can speak over 100 languages.

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Quick Setup

Your Greeter can be set up and ready to go in less than 15 minutes. Saving you time and money. 

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Reduce Staff Interruptions

Your guests will get immediate assistance without interrupting your staff leaving them to handle high-value tasks. 

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Gather Vital Analytics

You will always know what people are asking, how to serve them better, and what's important to your guests. 

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Self-Service 24 / 7 / 365

Your guests get answers to their questions whenever they want. No additional cost to your company for staffing!

What Our Clients Say About PRSONAS™:

“. . . you guys have been a fantastic partner.
We really appreciate the urgency you’ve shared with us.”

Michael Navin, President, Element Market Access

“What can I say except a HUGE thank to nuMedia for working so painstakingly hard to meet today’s go live deadline.
I know that this was one of the most unrealistic deadlines we’ve had going,
and you guys as usual managed to make it happen like we needed it to. It is so truly appreciated. “

Kerri Riccardo, Partner, Alphamedica, Inc.

“It’s been a joy working with [the nuMedia team].
nuMedia really is the most competent vendor I’ve ever worked with. “

Benjamin Primrose, VP, Principal Developer, Workers Credit Union

"The solution enables the reduction of labor costs.
Provides a consistent and constant (24x7) experience that visitors enjoy!"

Tom D'Arcy, Director Workplace Innovation, Ricoh USA

PRSONAS-Greeter™ Answers All Your Guest's Questions