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Meet Your New Favorite Employee, Daphne!

man standing and interacting with prsonas hologram on a screen

A visitor enters your building for the first time and is greeted warmly by the newest digital member of your team, Daphne!PRSONAS Visitor Management System

She  handles all things visitor management representing your brand perfectly wearing your company logo  and colors if desired. But most importantly, she will:

  • Initiate a handsfree conversation with the visitor, in just about any language you need
  • Scan their ID
  • Screen the visitor
  • Print their visitor badge
  • Share safety protocols
  • Notify Dan (via email or text)

Without interruption, Dan knows he needs to wrap up his current meeting and lets Daphne know she can send the visitor to his office. But wait! The visitor confesses to Daphne they need to freshen up before meeting Dan so where is the nearest restroom?

No problem!

Daphne explains that down the hall on the right as they head toward Dan's office is the nearest restroom. She also reminds them to stop in when they are finished to be checked out. 

While Daphne has been taking care of the visitor, your staff member was able to:

  • Answer phone calls
  • Reply to emails
  • Sort through mail
  • Assist with all the time-sensitive tasks that only a human can do
  • With minimal interruptions, they were able to focus and in general be less stressed

Now let's imagine a few weeks later you discovered there was an issue within the building on that day. No problem! Simply log into her analytics portal and look up all interactions, check-ins, check-outs on any given day or time. No need to inquire with your staff members. Let's face it, it was an exceptionally hectic week. They are human after all and may not remember all the details of that day, but Daphne will!


Now Picture This!

A visitor walks into your building for the first time and is greeted by one of your staff. They drop their current tasks to greet the visitor.

Beautiful young woman under stress at work at her office desk

This is Dan Jones’ 2 o'clock meeting. Okay, they’ve got this! All they have to do is check them in by:

  • Scanning their ID
  • Screening them
  • Printing their visitor badge 
  • Sharing safety protocols
  • Notifying Dan

Easy, right?

As the staff member scans the visitor's ID, the door opens again. Mail delivery. They quickly find a spot to put the newly received packages so that they aren’t just sitting in the waiting area.  Note to self: deal with those later. The phone rings. That staff member has been assigned some time-sensitive tasks due by the end of the day.  They make a note, so they don't forget!

Okay, where were we?

Oh yes! Print the visitor badge and call Dan to let him know his 2pm is here, however, Dan is on the phone finishing up another  important meeting. Dan's other line rings. He must interrupt the current meeting to take the call. Dan lets your staff member know that he will finish up soon and notify them when he is ready for his visitor. The badge is done printing! They give to the visitor and ask them to please have seat and wait! 

Almost forgot!

Your staff member needs to ask the visitor a series of questions related to COVID and their current status, possible symptoms, and exposure history. They are multi-tasking like a beast, even though Dan's 2 o'clock is off to a late start. The phone rings! Dan is ready. Your staff member starts to let the visitor know they can be on their way but they need to let them know the COVID safety precautions while in the building. Shew! Now point the visitor in the direction of Dan's office and line 1 is ringing again. You get the picture!


With the help of your new digital workforce companion, Daphne the efficiency, accuracy, and overall image of your company are preserved and looking quite impressive!

This is just a simple example of the value of having a PRSONAS-VMS™ intelligent visitor management!



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