Industries We Serve

Let our intelligent assistants help your company remove repetitive tasks from your employees and allow them to focus on high-value efforts, the stuff only humans can do.

We Serve All Industries!

We focus on innovating the most scalable digital workforce solutions on the planet.
We further believe every industry can benefit from automated human engagement.
Here are just a few of the industries showing early success doing just that:

Financial Services

Improve your visitor’s experience with a variety of unique options, such as instant check-in/out, visitor screening, directions to their destination, notifications to your staff of their presence. A safe and low- touch engagement with a human touch.

Solutions for your Financial Services

Reduce Wait Times

Visitors are greeted, screened and checked-in in almost any language.

Increase User Satisfaction

Immediate engagement in a polished and professional manner.

Provide Access & Privacy

Enhance workplace security with guest management, screening and analytics.


Create a brand experience your customers will not soon forget. Increase revenue and give your customers the highest level of service in an innovative way.

Solutions for your Retail

Improve Brand Control

Provide your customers with a product specialist.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Change the way your customers view your brand and access your products.

Increase Efficiency

Our intelligent assistants are never too busy to engage with your customers.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Your patients deserve the very highest quality of care. Incorporating a self-service solution ensures your patients will receive the attention, discretion and help they need.

Solutions for your Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Immediate Assistance

Your patient will get the highest level of customer service.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Providing your patients with an innovative and efficient solution while maintaining the human experience.

Improve Health and Safety

Low-touch engagement minimizes transmission of germs and viruses.

Trade Show & Live Events

Provide your visitors with a personalized brand experience capable of delivering and gathering information in a fun and engaging way. Your interactive hologram will ensure your brand is the star of the event..

Solutions for your Trade Show & Live Events

Enhance Visitor Experience

Provide your visitors a unique and memorable interaction without losing the human touch.

Improve Brand Awareness

Truly change the way your visitors' interface with your brand.


Your digital assistant can interact with everyone, speaking and understanding dozens of languages.

Can't Find Your Industry?

Innovation transcends any single industry!

As the leader in scalable human experiences, our PRSONAS™ Digital Workforce is no exception. We have deployed digital personalities for hundreds of companies across dozens of industries.

Let us become your innovation partner, earning you the title of "Leader in Customer Engagement" for your industry!