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PRSONAS™ Never Quits! A Solution to Help Keep Your Staff!!

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The Great Resignation has affected all of us. It has impacted every aspect of not only people's work lives but their lives away from their jobs as well. Employees are switching to jobs with better pay, fewer hours, jobs that are more fulfilling, or that have a better work-life balance. This has left many businesses (especially smaller businesses) scrambling. Not able to or prepared to keep up with this sudden and massive change in the workforce.

We went from there being basic competition between businesses to get more customers to now, also having to compete to keep (and get) employees in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

But what’s the solution? If you are a business owner finding yourself with fewer employees than before and are struggling to keep up in this new workforce competition. How does one create a more fulfilling work experience for their employees? How do you help out your current employees who have stayed but are now having to pick up the extra slack that your former employees left? And doing that without just throwing new employees into the bunch that has to be trained or go through the onboarding experience - which let's be real is a lot of work in itself. How do you take a load off of your current employees so that they are more willing to stick it out with your business while you find new people to hire? Is any of this even possible?

With PRSONAS™, anything is possible. I know it may sound too good to be true but hear us out.

Imagine hiring someone who shows up on the first day completely trained. They immediately take over the more monotonous jobs that may not be as exciting to your current employees. Your current employees are able to spend more time doing the things that are more interesting and fulfilling. Workplace morale increases. You have someone to rely on 24/7 who won’t quit. Your current employees feel supported, and their workload becomes more manageable with an extra set of hands around. You don’t have to pay for the onboarding process. This new employee instantly adds a feeling of relief to the workplace.

With this new employee, onboarding new staff feels like less of a stressor. You are able to focus on rebuilding while still creating an unforgettable and friendly experience for your guests. And it does all of this without replacing staff, still allowing for plenty of work opportunities for your human employees.

Wait, Human employees? Why is there a distinction here?

The PRSONAS™ digital workforce is powered by AI. So yeah, not human - but our digital workforce isn’t here to take away jobs from real humans but instead create a better work and guest experience for everyone! So how exactly can PRSONAS™ do this?

According to Business Insider, many people are worried about COVID and are switching to jobs that aren’t customer-facing. PRSONAS™ provides a touch-free customer experience so that your customers can still have a friendly human-like experience. A PRSONAS™  can do everything from greet customers, answer questions about your business, guide them towards the bathroom, check people in and out and so much more!

According to this article from Forbes, another massive reason people are quitting their jobs is that they are not content with the work they are doing. So why not have PRSONAS™  take over those more monotonous jobs that may not feel as fulfilling to workers?

You may not want to look at this graph from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics because it's scary! 

So, if you’re a business that is trying to navigate the Great Resignation- PRSONAS™ just might be the answer you are looking for.





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