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Let's Compare Visitor Management Onboarding & Operating Costs

compare onboarding and operating costs with PRSONAS

Have you ever heard the phrase “money makes the world go round?” What it basically means is that our world depends on financial resources for pretty much anything. Money can make or break someone's world - including that of a company. You need it to pay your employees, keep the lights on, and even support yourself! It can be good in terms of net profit or horrible in terms of debt. With all the pressure to navigate the financial minefield, what can be done?  

Here's a scenario: your boss comes to you and tells you the company isn’t earning enough to support itself and that failure to increase margins will result in your termination. What are your options:

  1. Lay off employees to save operating costs.
  2. Hire more people in hopes of earning more business.
  3. Accept your fate and quit. Why bother?

It’s all so expensive! But we have an idea. Meet the solution to your problem, PRSONAS-VMS™, we call her Daphne.


What Will Daphne Do

Daphne is many things – a customizable AI that speaks hundreds of languages (including American Sign Language), an employee that doesn’t mind handling interruptions that take you away from your work. She is fully trained with an exceptional memory.  But most importantly, she’s your digital assistant for visitor management.  

What makes her so special? Daphne was created to be humanity’s companion, not its replacement! Her purpose isn’t to take jobs from employees but rather allow them to deal with the higher value tasks at hand. The cool thing about her is that she doesn’t just reflect your brand and company perfectly, she can BE your brand! With options ranging from skin color all the way to apparel, she can be your company mascot or ambassador in addition to being a massive help.  

Let's Compare Costs 

Now, how much could Daphne cost?  Let’s look at the numbers: 

Onboarding Cost without Daphne Daphne
  $7645* $500
*One-time cost average according to National Association of Colleges and Employers
Monthly Operating cost without Daphne Daphne
  $4045* from $299
*Overall receptionist cost average according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Time to fill a position without Daphne Daphne
  33 days* 10 minutes
*Average time according to SHRM




If you look at the average onboarding cost, Daphne costs 7.5% of what you would pay for a new employee! If you look at the receptionist costs per month, Daphne costs only 7% of that! If you look at the average length of time for finding something, well...not sure about the percentage but you can clearly see that 10 minutes is a fraction of 42 days! 

How Daphne Helps Increase Productivity

Let’s talk about that! A study by the University of California, Irvine tells us that it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds for an employee to get back on track after an interruption.  Corporate employees are interrupted at least 12 times an hour on average! And this isn’t even considering other variables. Interruptions will slow down your productivity and cause dissatisfaction among your employees. When it comes to Visitor Managementyou can’t afford to be distracted and interrupted multiple times an hour. 

Daphne will be able to help your company and deal with many of those interruptions. Here are some tasks that she can take care of for you: 

  • Checking in/out visitors. 
  • Scanning IDs & providing security badges. 
  • Communicating with the staff of their arrival.
  • Screening questions for COVID and Compliance. 
  • Directing delivery persons. 

Now, an important note - interruptions in this sense do not mean they are negative things. The items listed above are not bad - in fact they are vital to your business! However, providing a personable interaction and maintaining the attention to detail needed for the tasks at hand can be difficult.   

With Daphne helping reduce interruptions for your employees, according to the Workplace Distraction Report:

  • 75% of employees say they get more done & are more productive
  • 49% are happier at work
  • 44% deliver higher quality work

 Imagine the productivity!

Plus your training, onboarding, and operating costs are reduced. You’ll have so much that you won’t know what to do with it! Well, you probably will but the point is that this will help in many different aspects including financially. 

Leave it all to Daphne, she is the solution!  


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