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How PRSONAS™ Does Analytics!

Julia Corbin
2021-04-23 21:33:40

Business analytics are only worthwhile if you use them! What’s the point of gathering all that information or worse paying someone to compile it and you don’t use it to your advantage?

The core of business analytics is to give businesses an overview and insights so that they can outperform other businesses.

Who doesn’t want to outperform their competitors and provide the highest quality customer service? The traditional way to obtain analytics is to employ or outsource a business intelligence analyst, data analyst, consultant, or research analyst depending on your industry. Well, what if we told you that your new favorite employee, Daphne comes with the ability to gather your business analytics as part of her regular workday.

At PRSONAS™, we understand the importance of your regular, run-of-the-mill type analytics:

    • How many visitors? On what day, at what time?
    • How long did they engage?
    • What did they want?
    • What questions did they ask?
    • General behaviors & all that jazz

We have those covered. We find a ton of value in the analytics and intel you are going to get without needing to outsource a company. The information Daphne captures and shares with you and our team is used to train and improve her knowledge base. For example when a visitor asks Daphne a question that she doesn't know the answer to, what happens? Why does that matter? It's your choice! We monitor and evaluate those interactions and then collaborate with you to determine if those questions are important enough to train Daphne to answer them correctly. Don't forget, Daphne's memory is impeccable, and once she is trained she consistently answers correctly each and every time.


Picture this – Daphne is located in the lobby of your building. She is killing it by the way. She is notifying your employees of their visitor’s arrival. She scans, she prints, she makes sure that everyone knows the safety protocols within the building, and she lets them know they need to stop back by to check out. A visitor asks if there is EV parking where they can plug their car in while there. Uh oh! Daphne hasn’t been trained to answer that question. Your team may not have thought that would be necessary. Thankfully, she won’t just sit there dumbfounded; she will simply reply that she doesn’t know the answer. Our monitoring shows the question(s) that need answers. Funny enough, we found out that question has been asked repeatedly over the course of the last 3 months! Now you get to make an informed decision about how to handle that. Isn’t that what business analytics are all about?


Using a combination of skills, technologies, and practices to examine an organization’s data and performance as a way to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.


This may be a simple example but effective, nonetheless. What makes it even better is that every time this happens or that upon evaluation, we discover other areas of improvement, Daphne gets trained once to answer every question and that’s it! No need to retrain. She is instantly onboarded. If you remember we explored how Daphne can reduce onboarding costs.

Let’s talk about how many different ways there are to ask a question about the weather. For example. How’s the weather? Is it cold outside? Will I need my umbrella today? Daphne understands different phrases. she can continuously improve her answers to those questions too. And what about how Bostonians talk compared to someone from Birmingham. Even English speakers can say the same thing but sound completely different. Daphne can figure that out too. And this is true for any language. She speaks hundreds including American Sign Language. Check out this list! Not every employee is a polyglot or a hyperpolyglot.


And last but certainly not least, let’s talk scalability and what that has to do with analytics! Scalability is essential as it contributes to competitiveness, efficiency, reputation, and quality. Businesses must be mindful of it because they need to maximize the return with their resources. Unless your company has really deep pockets you have probably struggled with how to increase and expand your workforce. Not to boast too much but Daphne complete with her intellect and continuous ability to learn can be scaled and turned into a digital workforce of five in a matter of minutes. Don’t even sweat the operating costs of adding five new members to your workforce. We broke that down for you too! Your new team walks in the door trained and ready to get to work. Maybe not literally 'walk' but you get the idea!


We would love the opportunity to help you see the value, the long-term benefits, and how it will maximize the efforts of your human team members. Let us show you!

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