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Today we are shapers of the world of tomorrow.
-- Walt Disney
Since our inception years ago, we have worked passionately to implement our vision of a digital workforce - empowering companies and organizations to automate the mundane, freeing time for human innovation. In that time, leading international innovators such as Google for Entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley Open Doors, and FGNoviteiten Juryprijs have recognized us for our efforts.

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PRSONAS™ AI Digital Workforce offer financial institutions a modern solution to confront the customer service challenges facing them today. PRSONAS™ solutions provide immediate assistance, check-in customers, and notify staff of their arrival. They can inform customers of the latest interest rates and financial products, and gather detailed analytics all without sacrificing the human engagement lost by other self-service technologies of today.

financial services solution

We are humanizing the digital customer journey with a suite of intelligent assistants to serve retail and corporate businesses. PRSONAS™ intelligent assistants offer solutions to seamlessly handle visitor management & receptionist services, act as product specialists for live events, and provide indoor and outdoor wayfinding solutions for virtually all types of facilities.

retail location

PRSONAS™ intelligent assistants are revolutionizing the digital patient journey. We are building a suite of them to serve private and public healthcare facilities and clinics. Current solutions include receptionist and informational services, hospital wayfinding solutions, plus recruitment and digital consent for clinical trials. PRSONAS™ solutions provide the highest level of customer service.

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Let’s Make Your Customer Experience a Primary Focus, not an Afterthought

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