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hologram in labcoat standing, PRSONAS DaNa Healthy Nevada Project

Remember DaNa? She been Updated & Relocated!

Julia Corbin
2021-03-16 14:00:00

We would like to re-introduce you to DaNA who works with DRI (Desert Research Institute) and Renown Health on the Healthy Nevada Project®! We say re-introduce because you may have read about DaNA working with them to deliver all of the information needed to any potential volunteers for the Healthy Nevada Project. She was created to answer frequently asked questions, sign them up for the program, and get them their results easily! 


But the exciting news is that DaNA got a makeover! It was completely effortless, with just a simple update, she changed her hair color, lipstick, even her shirt color to match the colors of Renown Health! And the most important part is that now DaNA can provide a touchless experience using voice recognition to help keep everyone as safe as possible and prevent the spread of germs. Included in this update DaNa provides the most current information regarding COVID precautions and can answer any questions about the Healthy Nevada Project.

DaNa before


Along with this update, DaNA changed locations! After multiple requests for her residency, she was successfully moved from Renown Regional Medical Center to her current location in Renown Lab Services – Los Altos.


It’s this kind of flexibility that makes having a PRSONAS™ intelligent digital assistant so special.


They can work 24/7 without any breaks in any location, they are always dressed for success with your company's look in mind, and they never fail to provide the most up-to-date information for your visitors. 


Wondering why you need a conversational AI digital assistant? Let’s connect! We are happy to discuss with you all the suitable options to engage your customers or visitors in an innovative, safe, and healthy way without ever losing the human-like experience! 


DaNA is so cool she even made the news on  KTVN Channel 2!



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