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life-size hologram for Healthy Nevada Project

Our Life-Sized Hologram Assists With Healthy Nevada Project!

Julia Corbin
2020-09-10 19:30:00

The DRI (Desert Research Institute) and Renown Health wanted a fun, engaging, and safe way to entice and educate people who were considering volunteering for the Healthy Nevada Project and their community-based genetic screening program. They turned to technology and innovation to help them during a time when health and safety are one of the highest priorities. Our PRSONAS™ Custom Experience was perfect

DaNA is so cool she even made the news on  KTVN Channel 2!

DaNA is a PRSONAS™ Custom Experience solution that was created to appear as a lab assistant and deliver all the information about the program, easily answer a number of frequently asked questions, and provide a way for interested volunteers to sign up for the program right then and there! She also helps current participants retrieve their results effortlessly while addressing one of the biggest concerns - the need to do it all in a safe way! 

Wondering why you need an intelligent digital assistant? Let’s connect! We are happy to discuss with you all the suitable options to engage your customers or visitors in an innovative, safe, and healthy way without ever losing the human-like experience!



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