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eBook: Best Practices for Using a Virtual Greeter - Download Yours!

Julia Corbin
2021-12-17 14:30:00

You may have read our last blog on Why Using a Virtual Greeter is the Best Option for Your Company and why it's the perfect option for your innovative and forward-thinking company! But maybe you aren't convinced yet or you simply don't even know where to start. Have no fear!! We have created a guide to help prepare, plan, and successfully deploy a virtual greeter. 


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Deploying a virtual greeter is a quick and easy way to level up your company!


This eBook walks you through the following best practices for deploying a virtual greeter
Here's what to expect.


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A few homework assignments that require staff input to help you determine all the areas a virtual greeter can help and a review of what protocols or procedures your facility would benefit from. 

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Insights into how to determine the best features and how a virtual greeter can fulfill staffing needs.

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Some helpful tips on how to decide the ideal location of a virtual greeter. It's the first step to redefining the customer experience. 

Canva Design DAEyphVmQGs Some details to think about when deciding how to customize a virtual greeter to best represent your company's brand and image.

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What to do once it's deployed! Explore the benefits of analytics, the online portal, and the scalability of virtual greeters. 

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And what eBook would be complete without bonus content? Get some pretty amazing stats that will help you understand why you should be employing virtual greeters as part of the workforce. 


It's proven that AI technology improves productivity. Leading companies have implemented it to level up their customer service while still watching their bottom line. Are you a leading company?   


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