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Digital Assistants: The Future of Consumer Experience in Retail

Nick Rockafellow
2018-08-15 16:00:00

Recently, I walked into a large outlet store and noticed something immediately.

The store looked nothing like I remember!

Digital screens dotted the walls with sharp images and information about new products. iPads were ready to take my contact info and send me coupons. Even the changing rooms had transformed from the overly bright spaces with old clothes dotting the benches to an inviting space with comforting lights and touchscreens in each room.

Retail stores have gone beyond these use cases with their technology. In the past few years, augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive display screens, smart mirrors, and more have all become part of retail stores’ attempts to take back online shoppers.

All of this technology definitely made my shopping experience memorable, but a problem remained.

The same problem I have the majority of time I go into a store.

I needed help from a sales associate, and there weren’t enough employees to help everyone.

A simple solution to this problem is to hire more sales associates to stand in every section and isle of the store waiting to answer any questions a client may have.

This is definitely a solution, but is it the best solution? Not at all!

Let us introduce you to the PRSONAS-VMS™, PRSONAS-Wayfinding™ and PRSONAS-Custom™

PRSONAS Digital Assistants

nuMedia's PRSONAS™ digital assistants engage customers faster, better, and smarter by connecting both machine intelligence and human personalities.

An intelligent digital assistant can be deployed across any channel! Augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile, web, touch screens, and more can implement digital hosts to increase the CX regardless of where a consumer experiences a brand.

Complete with multi-lingual functionality, lead capture capabilities, the ability to communicate through sign language, 24/7 availability, and the exact script to use for every situation, PRSONAS™ digital assistants provide much more flexibility and value than any sales associate could!

It’s safe to say that technology is changing retail stores forever, and a digital host is able to humanize the technology to increase the customer experience!


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