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Imagine your very own digital personality engaging, automating, and analyzing your ultimate customer experience vision. PRSONAS will safely engage using natural conversation, emotion, and empathy as your very own brand ambassador! Together, we can reimagine how you attract, support, and maintain your customers. 

That's the power of PRSONAS™.

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What Happens When Your Guest Walks Up?

PRSONAS greets your guests in almost any language
Visitors have a real conversation of your brand
We deliver videos, maps or almost any media
All information may be sent to visitors mobile device

How a PRSONAS Custom Experience Works

A PRSONAS custom experience allows you to define the ultimate brand ambassador as a member of your digital workforce. 

Here are some of the features you can customize:
Choose from a variety of human characteristics to represent your brand.
Facial Features

Character Appearance

Language Icon

Hundreds of spoken languages

Human Gestures

Gestures & Expressions


American Sign Language


Your Unique Brand

Select a  PRSONAS™ Display
Choose one of our turnkey interactive devices or speak to a PRSONAS representative on how to deploy the PRSONAS Digital Personality on your existing hardware:



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PRSONAS custom experiences service clients in almost any industry.

Extra Details To Make You Stand Out From All Your Competitors

Make a Better First Impression

Immediate Assistant

Ensuring all your guests get the highest level of customer service without losing the human touch.


Improve Health and Safety

Low-touch speech engagement minimizes transmission of germs and viruses between employees and customers.

Full Access to Communication

Your Experience, Your way

We work with your team to create a brand experience your visitors will not soon forget.


Improve Brand Image

Greet your visitors with innovative and efficient technology while maintaining that human experience.

Custom Visitor ID


We can integrate with a large number of enterprise platforms preserving your current software investments.



Security is a top concern. All maps and information are secured and encrypted through the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Mobile Download

Guests can instantly download or send maps and directions to their mobile devices and smart cell phones.


Detail Analytics

Collect, analyze, and customize your reports. Get key insights from your guests anytime.


Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Microsoft's Advanced Cloud AI means you can build intelligent solutions that scale.

What Our Clients Say About PRSONAS™

“If you’re looking for a way to ensure your event stands out, a hologram is definitely a great option!”

Stefanie Dunlap, Social Media Coordinator, Impact Networking

“. . . you guys have been a fantastic partner. We really appreciate the urgency you’ve shared with us.”

Michael Navin, President, Element Market Access

“What can I say except a HUGE thank to nuMedia for working so painstakingly hard to meet today’s go live deadline. I know that this was one of the most unrealistic deadlines we’ve had going, and you guys as usual managed to make it happen like we needed it to. It is so truly appreciated. “

Kerri Riccardo, Partner, Alphamedica, Inc.

“It’s been a joy working with [the nuMedia team]. nuMedia really is the most competent vendor I’ve ever worked with. “

Benjamin Primrose, VP, Principal Developer, Workers Credit Union

Create your vision with a PRSONAS™ custom experience