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PRSONAS Wayfinding in courthouse

Case Study: PRSONAS-Wayfinding™ Helps Courthouse Visitors - Download Now!

Julia Corbin
2021-11-18 15:30:00
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The Mohave County Superior Court is now located in a beautiful state-of-the-art building in Kingman, Arizona. They wanted to showcase the technological advancements they made within the courtrooms themselves. They wanted a WOW factor, a smart WOW factor with the functionality to ease the burden of the front desk staff and security personnel by giving directions to the visitors.  Enter PRSONAS-Wayfinding™!  They named her ANDI (Automated, Navigation Digital assistant). She stands at the ready as visitors come through security and make their way into the building.   
"The impression is set that this is no ordinary courthouse"

ANDI isn't just a pretty face. She is a conversational AI wayfinding solution that does much more! Take a look at the list below of the features the team at Mohave County Superior Court wanted in a solution.  

Best first impression
Have a WOW factor
Reduce front office staff interruptions
Speak Spanish and English
Automate visitor assistance
Handle daily schedule changes
Be budget-friendly


She checks all the boxes! ANDI is equipped with sonar to detect the approaching person allowing her to initiate the greeting. Her voice recognition allows her to hear their name and immediately display their corresponding location on her screen. She will also verbally provide the location information. ANDI will even pause for a moment to take a selfie with you! And since she is so human-like, if she doesn't recognize the name provided she will direct the visitor to the front counter for additional assistance. 



ANDI has reduced staff interruptions by the hundreds so far in 2021!

The daily schedule is uploaded automatically through FTP via a simple, easy-to-use client portal to ensure the accuracy of the information. A bonus feature is that she provides all the analytics the staff will need to make sure they are addressing the needs of their visitors. How many people asked where the Law Library was located?  How long did people engage with her? Were there questions being asked that the staff was unaware were important to their visitors? With active learning, our team helps them identify needs they may not have known or even thought of!

 "The support team is very prompt and supportive. Kristin Icenhour was very professional and responsive to
any issue we may encounter". Kyle Rimel, Court Technology Services Director

And fun fact about ANDI is that she is named after one of Mohave County's most famous people, Andy Devine.  I'll be honest, I had to Google him to find out more, and boy I'm glad I did! Andy Devine made over 400 films with some of Hollywood's greatest like, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and Jimmy Stewart. He also had a radio, television, and stage career where he appeared in more projects than anyone cared to count.  He was accidentally discovered on a street corner in Hollywood and the unusual tone of his voice was unforgettable.  How cool is that?

And how cool is ANDI? The team at Mohave County Superior Court achieved their goal and our team is helping them exceed it! Have you considered automating customer/visitor assistance? Your company could decrease onboarding and operating costs and increase employee productivity. 


And see for yourself!  

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