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Case Study: PRSONAS™ Empowers Staff and Workers Credit Union Members

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Case Study cover image Workers Credit Union

The Workers Credit Union (WCU) is a successful credit union with locations all over Massachusetts. Their main focus has always been to provide the best and most advanced banking experience which has never been more evident than in their Plan-It locations


In the WCU’s located in Lowell, Hudson, and Worcester, their clients can receive personal, private guidance on their financial present and future!


But while focusing on helping their clientele with their financial journey, the bank still needed to
continue its normal operations.


That's a lot of different balls to juggle! So how are they able to help their customers with all of their banking needs, while helping them reach their financial goals? With the help of PRSONAS™ of course!!


That’s where Olivia comes in!Olivia_250×205

Olivia is a PRSONAS-Greeter™ who started with the WCU at the Lowell branch and now can also be found at their Hudson and Worcester branches. Of course, greeting people as they enter but her job goes much deeper than just a simple hello!



So how does miss Olivia help with day-to-day operations at the Workers Credit Union?


When a client walks into a Workers Credit Union they can go up to Olivia to check into their appointment. No waiting in lines or waiting for a human employee to become available. Olivia is there and ready to help 24/7! Once someone checks in for their appointment, Olivia alerts the necessary staff member to let them know their client is here. Olivia can also help the client schedule their next appointment!



Workers Credit Union has 110,000 members, all with different needs and backgrounds. Olivia can fit the needs of each of them, being able to speak several different languages the client can select which language they need or prefer to communicate in and Olivia can help! Olivia can also show an introductory video in their preferred language and help clients to learn about the different services that the WCU provides!

 Did you know?

Nearly 80% of American consumers say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service
are the most important elements of a positive customer experience.
PwC, 2019 Experience is Everything Here's How to Get it Right


So Olivia is multi-lingual AND can help to make people’s banking experience be more efficient? What else can she do?



Knowledgable help?

Friendly service?


How can a hologram give you friendly service? That’s actually Olivia’s superpower!

Olivia is powered by AI and has incredibly human-like traits without it feeling creepy or like you are traipsing into the uncanny valley. She has a sense of humor, can engage and start conversations, and uses natural vocal and facial expressions! This is why she is such a natural fit at the Workers Credit Union! She fits right in with their friendly and helpful staff.

With Olivia’s help, the WCU has been able to help even more of their guests reach their financial goals and make the banking process fun and easy! We are so proud to be able to assist the WCU in helping so many people with their financial literacy!

You can read more about Olivia here! Or download the case study and take it with you!

Case Study cover image Workers Credit Union


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