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What Are Your Customer Experience Priorities?

customer experience priorities

Gartner which is known for its technological research and consulting has released their Insights From 2022 Customer Service and Support Priorities Poll [infographic] which highlights the results of its annual priorities survey.

Here at PRSONAS™, we love diving into these sorts of surveys so we can get a better understanding of the priorities of different businesses so that over time we can better address their needs with our product! But we aren’t ones to gatekeep information, which is why we are going to go through these findings together!

Gartner 2022 customer service infographic snapshotIt looks like the majority of companies are trying to grow their business and improve operational excellence this year.


So, if 64% of companies are looking to grow their business this year, what are the strategies they are looking to implement to do so? What are the steps they are looking to take in order to reach this goal?


The top two steps identified as the priority  in order to grow their business are:

68% say their focus CX Strategy as it relates to Customer Experience & Analytics!

54% are going to shift from reactive to proactive service!

When it comes to improving operational excellence:

74% Gartner infographic


of respondents say creating a seamless customer journey across assisted and
self-service channels is "important" or "very important".



And according to the survey:

Gartner 2022 customer service infographic snapshot_2

So what is the single thing that binds all of these points together? What are companies planning on investing in to attain all of these goals and overcome these challenges?

The answer is in the budget!

In 2022, there is an expected 7.6% increase in technology spending!

7.6 percent technology circle gartner

This makes sense considering technology is the one thing that can address all concerns while helping companies reach their goals for this year.

Let’s take “improving content and knowledge delivery” for example. Where are you reading this right now? Probably your phone or computer, right? (If it’s a newspaper please reach out to us, something has gone horribly wrong) The Internet and social media are "The Place" to put content and deliver knowledge. Anyone looking to grow a business goes to the Internet. Anyone looking to find a business goes to the Internet.

That alone is reason enough to increase the budget for technology so it makes sense why companies are making it a priority.

Or self-service for example! Self-service is made possible because of technology. Self-checkout, kiosks where you can order food, we are entering a new age where self-service is the standard.

So what can we take away from the results of this survey?

Technology is the key to moving your business forward and addressing most (if not all) of the
challenges your company may face.



Let us show you how our technology will help you overcome all these challenges. 



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