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intelligent digital assistant for visitor management systems

Visitor Management Systems: Expectations vs. Reality

Julia Corbin
2020-07-29 14:30:00

Visitor management is made simple when using an Intelligent Digital Assistant!

Let’s start from the beginning

“What is an intelligent digital assistant?”

You are probably already familiar with what an intelligent digital assistant is without even realizing it! We just tend to be polite and call them by their names, have you met Siri or Alexa? They are applications driven by human interaction. You ask Siri what time it is in Hong Kong, she’ll answer back! No typing needed. Gone are the days of needing to sit down at the computer, open a browser and type in the question or *gasp* needing to open an encyclopedia! We now have digital assistants to do that work for us.

We are used to having them in our pockets or homes as personal assistants, but did you know they can also work to help streamline your customer experience?

That’s where the PRSONAS-VMS™ comes in! A visitor management system allows you to automate your customer experience while never losing that human-like interaction that is needed for any business to thrive!

So what should the expectation be of incorporating a visitor management system into your business? We know that when any company is looking to hire a new employee there are certain basic criteria...

  • You would hire someone who has a positive attitude so that they can create an amazing customer experience for every person who walks in the door.
  • You need all of your employees to give a professional first impression of your business. You want them looking polished and in uniform!
  • We all know that a good employee is punctual and is always there when you need them to be!
  • You would expect them to be able to complete their assigned tasks efficiently and with ease. Being able to check guests in and out, screening guests and directing them where needed.
  • A great employee must also be able to effectively communicate with the rest of the team, letting them know important guest information and notifying other staff when guests arrive!

What about having an employee that speaks multiple languages? The number of job postings aimed at bilingual workers doubled between 2010 and 2015 and has continued to rise since according to the New American Economy report Lost in Translation - The Growing Importance of Foreign Language Skills in the Job Market

The reality is...

  • They can do all of the above, and so much more!

It has the mental and emotional intelligence of any other valuable employee, but the magic of an intelligent digital assistant is that it can always provide a consistent experience for all of your guests. It doesn’t have off days and it never runs out of energy.

They are ready to work all day, every day with no risk for mental burn-out… ahh to be PRSONAS!

Another great benefit is the ability to make a memorable first impression for anyone. It’s not every day that you come across an intelligent digital assistant that smiles back at you! It will also help your brand stand out by broadcasting that you are a modern company that understands the importance of modern technology. You are taking the 21st century by its reigns and are using it to provide the best experience possible for your guests!

PRSONAS can also assist your guests no matter what language they speak. Yes! These interactive avatars are multilingual superstars who can speak thousands of languages. PRSONAS has you covered and guess what? We also have the patent on ASL so that you can provide an inclusive guest experience no matter who walks in the door.

Last but not least, PRSONAS-VMS™ acts as an all-around guest manager. She screens each visitor, asking the right questions. and can present a video or presentation to each guest before they enter the facility! She also gathers and evaluates analytic reports so that you can receive insight into her guest interactions. You will always be up to date!

I know, it seems too good to be true! Let’s prove it to you. See her in action by watching the video below.


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