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On the Roadmap Vol.2: Human-like interactions in the digital world!
2019-04-30 19:57:29

Adding emotion and humanizing digital avatars is challenging, and entertaining. Learn more about digital assistants and what the future has in store.

On the Roadmap: Exciting news about cool new features
2019-04-30 19:26:18

What's coming next for the nuTeam™ product line of PRSONAS intelligent digital assistants for visitor management systems, wayfinding, and custom solutions.

Erica Heads to the Great White North!
2019-03-18 21:41:49

Erica is installed at Metro Centre in Toronto Canada as automated way-finding solution for commercial and retail real-estate properties!

Wrangler Uses Hologram for a Big Rodeo Win and 32% Conversion Rate
2019-02-25 16:30:00

Find out how the Wrangler Jeans' attention-grabbing, self-service hologram, delivered a 32% conversion rate at the National Rodeo Finals.

Crossing the Uncanny Valley… or not
2018-11-07 17:19:33

What makes humans uncomfortable with "Virtual Personalities"? Describe why people feel that artificial people are creepy.

What is a Virtual Assistant? It doesn't have to be what you think.
2018-10-10 17:00:00

What is a virtual assistant? At nuMedia, we think beyond the regular definition and with our PRSONAS visitor management system we will show you how.

Digital Assistants: The future of consumer experience in retail
2018-08-15 16:00:00

Retail stores can increase customer experiences with digital assistants that are product specialists, visitor management systems, and wayfinding solutions!

Interactive Holograms Maximize Your Trade Show Efforts!
2018-07-25 16:00:00

Interactive self-service holograms attract interested individuals to your trade show booth and communicate with them in an effective manner! Increase your trade show ROI with an interactive holograms!

PRSONAS Virtual ‘Digital Personalities’ To Add A Personal Touch In Your Store, Event Or Office
2018-07-10 16:00:00

Siri, Cortana, Alexa… having a virtual assistant in all your devices and gadgets certainly isn’t a rarity anymore. But how often can you say you interact with a human-like, intelligent, personable hologram?

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