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Three Ways Customer Satisfaction & Safety Skyrocket Using Voice-First Digital Assistants

Chuck Rinker
2020-10-13 15:00:00

The world is changing, so...

"Let's change with it!"  

I'sure you've noticed that voice interface technology is becoming more common in our everyday life. Siri and Alexa are great at performing common tasks like controlling your iPhone or giving you dinner recipes, but let'face it, 'they weren'designed with customer engagement in mind'. Moreover, health and safety are now the top priority of most businesses. A voice-first experience is the safest way to ensure your clients and visitors that their health is at the forefront of your mind 

You can have quality voice-interface technology without forfeiting the friendly, engaging personality that comes with a human host. Our welcoming avatar will give your visitors a fun, emotionally charged experienceWe promise they 'won'make them cry', but they will get plenty of entertainment from watching how close to human theses little characters areContinue the journey to see how our kiosk experience is sure to give your business an innovative edge over other competitorsHere are three ways our PRSONAS™ digital assistants will enhance your visitor experience. 

One: Visitor Management System 

"Your company projects innovation. Your visitor management system should be nothing less!" 

You want to show your visitors you are innovative and creative, but just as importantly, you need to show them you care about their health and safety with low-contact, voice-first check-in/check-out. Furthermore, you don'have to give up the personalized human experience that builds loyalty to have innovation. You can have both. Our AI Digital Personality is the only VMS that can deliver this vision!  

Don'worry, you won'be giving up any features that those "iPads on a stick" provide. We will keep track of your visitors, offer health screenings, as well as announce them to your waiting hosts. As fully featured as anyone in the industry, we provide access control, identification screenings, and tons of other actionable analytics with every one of our systems. Explore all the possibilities for Visitor Management! 

Two: Greeter

"Greet your customer and guests in just about any language!" 

Traditional is boring. People respond to creativity and new ideas. What better way to say "Welcome!" than with an engaging digital personality talking to you from a screen or hologramEveryone will love it and say "Why hasn't everyone done this!" Not to mention, all of our systems are nearly all-inclusive possessing the ability to speak about 145 languagesincluding the ability to sign in ASLEvery visitor is sure to know which way their favorite chow spot is. Having innovative technology already improves your brand'image but including pleasant human touch makes the customer experience much more inclusive, efficient, and satisfying. People love being in control. With PRSONAS™ digital assistants, your customer experience will dramatically improve from the independence of using these high-quality digital greeters to answer all their questions and letting them know how much their safety means to you. Your satisfaction will also skyrocket in understanding their needs through detailed analytics while projecting the innovative image you know your brand deserves. 

Three: Digital Wayfinding services 

"Directions to anything and everything, anytime, anywhere!" 

Visiting a new place for the first time and not knowing where to go is a 'customer'worst nightmare. Imagine being in an unfamiliar location and not knowing where to go, not having anyone immediately accessible, and wanting to keep your social distance! Yikes! PRSONAS™ digital assistants are extraordinary way finders exempt from human error while minimizing health and safety concerns. They can send maps and directions of almost any desired location directly to a customer'mobile deviceTalk about convenience. PRSONAS-Wayfinding™ digital assistants instantly and verbally provide information and details about places you need to beTalk about an entertaining way to disrupt your competitors' mundane solutions while reducing your operational costs! 

Get the Experience Today!

Reach new heights with our AI digital assistant experience for your self-service needsAll our PRSONAS™ Digital Assistants combine innovation and fun. Allow your customers a safe, unique, and engaging interaction while visiting your business or facility. Let them know you care about their health as well as their sanityWith our industry-first Solution as a Service (SoLaaS) offering for digital personalities, your business will be more efficient, inclusive, and innovative. Use our digital assistants in one or all of these ways and watch your customer experience and satisfaction skyrocket! 

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