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The Perfect Product Specialists AKA: Intelligent Digital Assistant

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The product-specialist of the future is, well, perfect. Perfect recall of a vast array of product information. Perfectly able to communicate with any customer regardless of what language they speak. Able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Perfect memory of your sales pitch and even able to communicate via sign language.

Unless your employee speaks hundreds of languages, has a mind better than Einstein, and well, can see the future, these descriptions don’t and can’t describe a human being. So what then? What can be, for lack of a better term, a perfect product specialist?

PRSONAS™ Intelligent Digital Assistant!

A PRSONAS-VMS™ digital assistant uses artificial intelligence and computer generated visual technologies to interact with customers by delivering messages, showing demo videos, texting customers information and coupons, and gathering valuable user analytics in the physical world

But can a digital product-specialist do all of those things we highlighted above? Are they really that great? Let’s take it one by one.

Perfect Recall

After writing out your script, the digital host always communicates the information perfectly. The PRSONAS™ digital assistant even have the ability to show videos and other product demonstrations. No more employee improvising or forgetting details!

Communicate In Any Language

While it may take an employee hundreds of hours to learn a new language, a digital product-specialist is always able to communicate in any language on earth!

Work 24/7

Lunch breaks? Vacation? A digital host doesn’t need any of those! The technology is built to last and can stay operational and communicate your unique value proposition 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Sign Language

With their unique human characteristics, a PRSONAS™ intelligent digital assistant can communicate messages and information in sign language to create a more inclusive and beneficial culture.

Regardless of what I say, a PRSONAS™ digital product specialist can say it better! Check it out below.


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