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Seven Interesting Facts About Interactive Avatars You Probably Didn't Know

Julia Corbin
2020-08-24 17:59:24

Interactive avatars can be used for a wide range of different things, but here some really cool facts  we thought you should know!


They come in all shapes and sizes


Interactive avatars can take any shape. You might have seen some that look like real humans, cartoons, animals, and everything in between!


Boost performance in children with ADHD

In September of 2019, there was a study done at the University of Messina, Italy where they learned that the presence of an interactive avatar in an online learning environment actually boosted the performance in children with ADHD compared to a learning environment without one!


They are sometimes voiced by real people.

Actors are hired to go into a vocal booth and record different words and phrases which are then all strung together to turn into the words that you hear and interact with! For example, it took the original voice of Siri, Susan Bennett an entire month of recording for 4 hours per day to get all of the sentences needed.


They can do a ton of different jobs! 

Interactive avatars are like the “barbie” of the tech world. They can do just about any job! Do you need a bank concierge, receptionist, or a retail worker? Yeah, an interactive avatar can do that. What about someone with extensive healthcare knowledge or a military recruiter? Got that covered as well! Don’t believe me? Read this article to learn about one of our very own PRSONAS-VMS™ who did some work as an army recruiter.


They are hyperpolyglots!

A polyglot is someone with a mastery of multiple languages. To be a hyperpolyglot, you must be fluent in 6 or more languages to be considered one! Only 1% of the world’s population is fluent in 6 or more languages. It is an elite community that throws their own gatherings to meet and learn from each other. If one of our interactive avatars they would have everyone there beat considering it knows 100’s of different languages.


They know how to party!AtTheParty

Yes, one of our very own  interactive avatars named Olivia attended the Sony Pictures Entertainment annual Holiday Gala. She absolutely lit up the night and looked great!


They can recognize and show emotions

Now, of course, it depends on the interactive avatar but when it comes to a PRSONAS™ it can not only recognize the emotions of the person it’s interacting with in order to give the correct response but it also shows emotions itself! They have even been caught getting bored- crazy, right? Who would have thought we would be living in an age where technology could mimic human emotion!


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