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Las Vegas Airport Holograms - Hologram Wayfinding Solutions

David Rose
2017-03-18 13:39:00

What happens in Vegas MAY stay in Vegas--but you have to navigate the flight home first.

And while the Las Vegas airport, McCarran International, is no more confusing than most large airports, there are more distractions: slot machines and hair of the dog, just to name a few.     

People kept getting on the wrong tram, going to the wrong terminal, missing flights, losing baggage--


So PRSONAS™ was called in to help with a hologram wayfinding solution.  We make self-service, interactive holograms for use in the the real world.  Our units are very eye-catching even in a glitzy town like Vegas.  And they're super-smart, using motion sensors to detect the approach of people, and automatically engage with them.

For McCarran, we created 3 units that are strategically placed at tram connections. The airport has two physically separate terminals, by the way, a set-up that makes getting on the right tram to the right terminal even more critical.



PRSONAS™ units Adrian and Adam ask travelers to make sure they want the RED TRAM...for Air Canada, Frontier, Sun Country...United, etc. 

Meanwhile at a third location, PRSONAS™ unit Jennifer helps with way finding for the BLUE TRAM....American, Delta, etc.

Since all PRSONAS™ units come with robust analytics packages (another BIG difference from digital signage) our clients can track engagements and effectiveness.  The holograms at McCarran are helping thousands of passengers a day--or night.  That town never closes, after all. 

This project has been so successful airport officials are hoping to expand the interactivity of the units--a good move.  PRSONAS™ interactive holograms excel at offering web-like options and self selection in the physical world. 

As consumers, we're all very comfortable clicking around on our devices.  PRSONAS™ holograms offer that same user experience with our free standing holograms. 

female prsonas hologram standing in mccarran airport

Can you tell me where my boarding gate is?

So customers win, travelers win, the airport and the city of Las Vegas win, too.  McCarran is also a great location for PRSONAS™.  After all, some of the world's largest conventions come to the playground in the desert...

And while some things deserve to STAY IN VEGAS, one thing Vegas travelers ARE taking home--a positive experience with PRSONAS™.

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