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Holograms in Restaurants Create a Unique Ordering Experience

restaurant, tables with wine glasses on them

Sorry Grandma (who taught me to chew each bite twenty times), we eat really FAST these days.

Blame the cell phone, the texts, the traffic, the emails piling up back at office--the need to get a lot done so you can slip away early to catch your daughter's volleyball game, or soccer practice, or just spend more time doing what you love--

Which means FAST can be good. It makes my life better.

And hardworking America agrees. Since the first A&W eatery opened in 1911, the quick-serve restaurant industry has grown like Jack's fairytale beanstalk (as in right though the clouds).

Which brings us to our newest partner Visual Graphic Systems and a collaboration to remake the FAST restaurant ordering experience.

prsonas interactive hologram of a chef

What's for dinner, chef?

You know the process I'm talking about: Place your order at a counter, squawk box, or kiosk.   Wait for it at the register or window. Sit down or drive away and hope that you got your extra pickles, side salad or whole wheat bun--

Well, VGS, an expert in quick serve restaurants, knew there must be a better way. They partnered with PRSONAS™ to create a unique and improved sale and selection experience for their customers' customers. Cue the chef and check out how holograms in restaurants enhance customer experiences in the short video below.



The advantages of holograms in restaurants are obvious: The chef character is engaging. He sells product and options while building the brand with phrases like "Nona's sauce", "fresh toppings". He up-sales sides and drink in a natural and appealing way.   And he's super accurate. Customers self select by touching the screen.

In the worlds of Patrick Benasillo, Executive VP for Visual Graphic Systems:

"As the next generation in customer engagement, the Virtua™ kiosk is such a versatile, innovative piece of technology to have at the Point of Sale. With the ability to visually market promotions, LTOs, brand imagery and videos, the unit is a cost-effective tool that guarantees consistency in messaging, while creating appetite appeal within a fun, engaging customer experience."

VGS is showing the unit to their customers now, and there's lots of interest.

My quote on that? "Holograms in restaurants? Cool."

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