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Adding Value for Healthcare Providers: Digital Assistants!

Raymond Winters
2019-11-18 20:17:45

It's a good thing I cut my left hand and not my right--because when I went to the ER for a few stitches and a tetanus shot, I had to pick up a pen and sign 8 different consent forms for treatment.

Good thing I didn't take the time to read them all, or I'd still be there--

To say that Medicine is a highly regulated industry is an understatement.  And they can NEVER go off script.  

Of course, all that paperwork slows down treatment and clogs the system. 

Of course it does--Emergency room waits are the stuff of legends.

Waiting for your name to be called is just the beginning.  Once you're in a treatment room, you wait for the nurse to bring in the informed consent(s).  She has to explain them.  You have to sign them.  

Meanwhile, more sick people are coughing in the outer waiting room.  Babies are crying.  People are bleeding.  Things move very slowly....

The ritual is repeated for discharge instructions.  

Here's your prescription.  Here's how you should take it Here are your discharge instructions.  Do this when you get home.  Call us back if this happens.  Come back and see us if that happens.   Do you have any questions?


It's complicated--and important.   So they give a written summary before you leave.  That's takes time, too.  Typing.  Printing.  Folding and filing paper work. 

But what if you're too sick or hurt to read the instructions?  What if you don't speak or read English?  What if you're deaf?

At PRSONAS™ we're creating smart solutions for all of the above. 

Our intelligent digital assistants can explain informed consent to patients on a tablet or screen.  And they can do it in any language including ASL (American Sign Language).  

Our hosts are also highly interactive which means they can take patient questions, accept signatures, send copies to email addresses and phones. 

Discharge instructions become much simpler as well.   The PRSONAS-VMS™  explains them, the nurse follows up.  Copies are sent home on your phone/to your inbox or both. 

All those coughing and bleeding patients move from the waiting room to treatment to home more efficiently.   Time spent on actual treatment goes up.   Wait times and frustration factors go down.

Crying babies, stop crying and smile. 

A better way?  You bet.    As healthcare costs spiral to crisis levels, we need solutions to streamline and cut costs without sacrificing patient care. 

At PRSONAS™, we're doing our part with digital hosting for medical facilities.  What can we do for you?

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