Holograms Delivering Sign Language


Sorry cowboys and cowgirls, but it's not a solo world anymore.   Even the best networkers, entrepreneurs and innovators can't make it all alone in the wild and woolly 21st century. Every successful start-up must have a few key BELIEVERS who open the big bronze (heavy) corporate doors.

Top on my list for 2016 is Marty Ramos, head of Microsoft's Retail Experience Center in Redmond, Washington. Marty is the man (make that genius) who saw the potential of PRSONAS' interactive, mixed reality holograms and invited us to install a unit at the "REC", a 20,000-square-foot replica shopping mall full of the latest in cutting edge retail technology.

Thanks to Marty, scores of global brands and Microsoft executives have seen our interactive mixed reality hologram product for the first time.   Top among them was Microsoft's own Chief Accessibility Officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie who posed a simple question we'd never thought of before--

"Can it sign?"

Yes, it does NOW thanks to you, Jenny.   Thank you for opening that BIG, HEAVY door and laying the ground work so healthcare providers, government agencies, retail brands and others better serve the more than 70 million humans in the Deaf community with holograms delivering sign language.

This video is for you--


Since Jenny first posed her question, I've learned a lot about signing for the Deaf community. We are currently working in ASL, American Sign Language. I never knew that different nations had their own languages. And there's so much more to learn and explore around the possibilities of holograms delivering sign language.   Next in the pipeline?  New languages, new software for real-time translation from text or speech to signing.

It's worth noting that holograms delivering sign language are a prime example of HCI. Human-computer interaction is a unique field of study referring to the ongoing and ever changing dialog between humans and computers. HCI has been studied since the 1970s.  Imagine how much the dialog has changed since then--

I like to think we're writing a new chapter in HCI with our signing holograms. After all, at PRSONAS we specialize in creating human moments with our AI and hologram technologies. Thanks to our believers, Marty and Jenny at Microsoft, for realizing our product can connect with an even larger human audience by opening those BIG, HEAVY corporate doors!