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PRSONAS custom characters

Why Looks Are Important!

Julia Corbin
2022-05-23 12:45:00

You’ve seen Daphne in all of her iterations. Her cute design and sweet smile are easily recognizable by anyone. But did you know that we have tons of other options to fit your company’s branding needs? Here is a taste of what is possible.

Different Custom Daphne CharactersDifferent Custom Characters

Your PRSONAS™ digital customer experience can be customized to your brand! Your brand is more than just your logo. A strong and powerful brand communicates a clear story, letting your customers know what to expect, and is built on emotion and connection. Lucky for you, PRSONAS™ excels at communicating and will help you capitalize on that because our design team is here to help ensure the character and personality you create is the best representation of your company. Since branding promotes recognition we want to help you be recognized with an authentic and memorable experience! You will be crushing your competition in no time! 

For example, Dr. Bell was created to conduct clinical trials, (She's on the far left in the top image). it was vitally important that she look approachable and kind. We think she is adorable. She makes the participants feel comfortable while educating, engaging, and gathering the desired data. That's all in a day's work for her! Now imagine that same process being conducted with a touchscreen, a bunch of questions, and no human-like interaction.  

So you want your character to be dressed casual, smart casual, business casual, business professional, business formal or gender neutral? No problem! You can even have a little fun including them when everyone wears pink in October or wears a rainbow pin for pride month. The possibilities are endless!

The most successful brands are built to be likable, and relatable, therefore becoming synonymous with that company.  The fast-food industry is riddled with them. Here are a few fan favorites:


Burget King KFC Wendys Ronald McDonald
Image by Burger King Image by KFC Image by Wendys Image by McDonalds

Let's not forget the insurance industry's relatable characters. These characters we all know and love!

flo jake state farm geico gecko

the general

Image by Progressive Image by State Farm Image by Geico Image by The General


We have all driven down an interstate and seen a beacon of hope on a billboard like this:

KFC billboard

It's simple, with no fancy copy or intricate graphic design yet you know exactly what that billboard is saying. That is the power of having a character become the face of your brand.

Bringing it to the most human level, we as people are emotional creatures who love familiarity. Having a character that is synonymous with your brand opens the doors to all people in every generation. Someone who is 10 years old probably doesn’t care about insurance. But they love the talking gecko they see in all of those commercials! Fast forward to when they start driving or move into a house. What insurance company is going to be the first they look at when getting quotes? Probably the brand that they’ve known about for approximately 10 years and are incredibly familiar with. When the connection to your brand doesn't envoke a feeling when it feels just like a transaction - it might as well be - a vending machine. 

Can you remember any vending machines that you really loved and wanted to go out of your way to do business with again?
Yeah, I didn't think so. 

Notice how in that last paragraph we didn’t even mention the brand’s name, yet you knew exactly what we were talking about?

A PRSONAS™ solution can create that same level of connection and familiarity with your clients. We are already seeing this play out in the businesses that already have implemented their PRSONAS™ digital workforce solutions. We take it a step further by allowing an interaction directly with the face of the company. Imagine if Ronald McDonald was greeting you at the door. Or if Flo from Progressive was the one answering your questions about insurance. The excitement and emotional connection of talking to one of our personalities are unmatched, and over time it leads to an even stronger relationship with your clients.

With all of our new looks, there are unlimited possibilities to create a memorable and relatable character that can represent and be the face of your company. Let our team help you create the personality that will fit your company’s goals and mission!




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