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digital wayfinding solution

What’s Not to Love About a Digital Wayfinding Solution?

Julia Corbin
2020-09-29 19:35:02

Everyone loves having tons of information that is readily available and easy to comprehend and that’s just one of the reasons to love a digital wayfinding solution. Here are  more! 


It’s little to no-touch self-service!

No touching, no hugs, no kisses, no handshakes. While we all love those things normally, this is not the year to get up close and personal with the stranger giving you directions! A digital wayfinding solution still provides that human experience without the germs. So you can ask all of the questions you want without having to worry about standing 6 feet away.


Keeps everyone moving in the right direction (with a smile)

There is no better way to be told where to go than by a digital wayfinding solution that is smiling back at you! She will give you clear directions to wherever you need to go and won’t judge you for asking directions to that one area you passed when you walked up to her. The best customer service 100% of the time.


Never forget where you are going!

Digital wayfinding  doesn’t just tell you where to go - it also can give you details about the area and points of interest along the way! Do you have an issue with forgetting directions as soon as you hear them? Don’t worry because our digital wayfinding solutions can send directions and information directly to your mobile device so that you can download and take them with you. No more trying to remember to turn left after the big statue of the dinosaur!


It’s just cool technology!

A digital wayfinding solution always gives the best first impression. As a life-sized human avatar or a digital display, it provides human-like engagement while you get direct answers to any questions you may have. They are easy to interact with while absolutely feeling like you are now officially in the future. It will be one of the most memorable experiences you have that day!


Languages galore.

How many people do you know speak hundreds of languages? If you need directions or information in español? Or русский? Or 日本語? Our PRSONAS-Wayfinding™ can speak just like a native in hundreds of different languages including ASL and send you on your way! Language barriers are a thing of the past. 


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