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Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant for Wayfinding

Two Reasons You Need to Evolve Digital Wayfinding Now!

Charles Rinker
2020-10-01 18:45:00

If I need to track down a part at my local Home Depot retail store, find a Starbucks while waiting for my flight at the airport, locate the pharmacy at an unfamiliar hospital or find an ATM at the shopping mall, then I need wayfinding!

Let's face it, pretty much every location that is bigger than your local donut shop needs a wayfinding solution.

And thanks to the current pandemic, that wayfinding solution also needs to satisfy demands to minimize human to human contact, resist the spread of germs, and provide health compliance recommendations and information to your visitors.

 Shewww - - - that's pretty much impossible right!?

Not so fast . . . There is a way . . . Read on . . . 

Traditional Wayfinding Technology

Traditional wayfinding technology usually takes one or two shapes. The first is a simple list that contains directions to a place. While this method presents information, it doesn't help navigate the store or even inside an aisle. 

The second method is a map with slightly more specific directions. This method typically contains a 2D format with the item's location based on a grid pattern.

At their most base level, all of the information is there. As shoppers, we should find the exact location of a product based on these directions.

These maps can be helpful, but they also have a long - long - list of shortcomings:

  1. They are static.
  2. They aren't easily updated.
  3. They don't engage your customers with a human-like experience.
  4. They are forgotten and not accessible as soon as the visitor walks away.
  5. They don't build brand loyalty.
  6. They are often outdated, leaving visitors to question their accuracy - - - need I go on!? 😉 

So, let's review two reasons digital wayfinding can evolve and be more effective!

The Human User Experience

A human user experience utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and digital personality technology to transform the customer experience from simple wording and information to an intelligent and conversational interaction.

So why will human user experiences make wayfinding technology any more useful?

First and foremost, an animated personality attracts shoppers to our wayfinding technology. By delivering the information through a fun, avatar-based experience, shoppers want to engage, rather than just giving a passing glance at a static map.

Expressions, gestures, and emotions will let them know you care about them and their experience and want to provide easy personalized customer service in your wayfinding solution. 

Like talking with a trained sales associate, current, correct, and consistent directions will always guide your guest while reflecting your brand personality.

They can even take those directions with them on their iOS or Android mobile device! What else could they want!?

A Safe Low-Touch Solution Minimizing Human to Human Contact

Ok - we've shown you can make it fun, informative, and memorable. Now you need to make it a safe, healthy experience, letting your customers know you care about them and their shopping experience. Based on everything we know at this point, this requirement will be with us for a long, long time! To create a comprehensive solution to a safe digital wayfinding solution, a combination of advanced speech recognition and artificial intelligence for no-touch, a best-in-class touch screen with clean technology (like our ELO partners) for those infrequent needs to click a button, and cloud integration to keep your maps update to date. This approach is the only way to offer your visitors everything they need to navigate your environment. 

Oh, and remember when we said you could transfer those directions to your mobile phone? That's done in a touchless process as well using QRCodes or SMS messaging!

It's Not All Fun and Games

Before you think we're out here just playing games and having fun, there is a hidden gem in all this real-world engagement - analytics and machine learning. What does that mean to you?

It means you can:

a) See how many people are navigating your location

b) See what items they are asking for the most

c) Let you analyze layout and traffic changes you make in your facility; . . and last, but not least

d) Automatically gather information from your clients, without them even knowing it. What your clients are verbally asking for that you may not currently offer or expect.

What other system gives you that insight into your clients?

Now, that's Evolving Customer Wayfinding!

Only after you evolve your wayfinding with an AI digital assistants will your venue have the tools to engage your customers and help them find their way efficiently and safely!

At nuMedia, we create human user experiences with the next BIG step in human/computer interaction with PRSONAS-Wayfindingâ„¢!

Click Here to schedule a free consultation on how a PRSONAS AI digital assistant can evolve your wayfinding experience!


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