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Man standing at podium announcing 2014 Charlotte Venture Challenge winner

PRSONAS™ Emerges as a Winner in the 2014 Charlotte Venture Challenge

Nicholas (Nick) Wommack
2014-10-15 18:10:00

You know, every time I go on LinkedIn, I see bland, boring, and generic posts from people about how excited they are about obtaining a position or getting to participate in something related to business. It’s just so uninspired and emotionless; why bother putting something out there like that if you don’t put some serious OOMPH into it? We just had something cool happen and we won’t be generic – because we are not and will never be generic. Take note, fellow business individuals. Let me show you how it’s done:

As an employee of PRSONAS™, I am ecstatic to bring news of victory to you all once more! I would say “sound the horns” but my boss took it away from me for blowing it in the office. Something about me being in hot water because of multiple noise complaints.

More than 100 participants entered the 13th annual Charlotte Venture Challenge. This is a regionally known competition attracting startups and innovators from across the Southeastern United States, so you can imagine there's quite a bit of pressure from those statements alone. Organizations in industries ranging from energy solutions to biotechnology to product lines arrived prepared, all bringing their ideas for innovative technology. 

Of course, like a cheap steak from a grocery store, fat needs to be trimmed in order to enjoy the real meat. Out of those 100 participants, 36 ventures were selected to be finalists in the challenge. And out of those 36, only six startups were selected as winners of their respective industries! I’m not good at math but I’m pretty sure that’s a lot of organizations we had to fight to make it to the forefront.

prsonas interactive hologram named angi
So, what exactly does the Charlotte Venture Challenge entail? It’s essentially an elevator pitch on steroids. An elevator pitch is basically introducing and selling yourself to someone within 60 seconds. This competition is harder, though. You get three minutes to present your startup and sell it to loads of people, including a panel of serious investors. The pressure was certainly on, but nothing compared to David Rose! But don’t take it from just me, since David submitted an article to WRAL TechWire and told the story in his own words.


We used our digital representative, Angi, to showcase the future of digital marketing and customer interaction through our contactless hologram technology.


We had the privilege of presenting on the beautiful UNC Charlotte Campus in the Partnership, Outreach, and Research to Accelerate Learning (PORTAL) building.

Another success to be added to the PRSONAS™ story.  We won in the category of Information Technology and Informatics.

article about why you should enter the 2015 charlotte venture challenge


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