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Penta Technology Partnered with PRSONAS!

Julia Corbin
2020-10-19 14:00:00

They sure did! Together we are now a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution approved by the UK government. We are super excited that they added PRSONAS life-sized interactive holograms as a part of their cloud services offering AND have been approved for government and healthcare purchase 

Our friends at Penta Technology share our love of efficient automation and understand the importance of using the latest hologram technology with speech engagement to keep everyone safe and healthy.  


They even said we are “the digital assistant” of the future! 


We couldn’t agree more! 😉 Our digital personalities simply empower today’s self-service needs with automatic and intelligent human-like interfacing.   


“We greatly value the new innovation partnership with nuMedia Innovations”.  
~ Ian Peterson, Penta Technology 


Want to find out how to become a partner and learn more about the best AI assistantWe promise to write a cool blog post about you too!  Our current times and the future call for innovative intelligent solutions. We have your back!  


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