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prsonas hologram dressed as a doctor, handling clinical consent

Paging Dr. Daphne! PRSONAS™ Conducts Consent for Clinical Trials

Julia Corbin
2021-06-04 14:30:00

Daphne earned her Doctorate and proves that a PRSONAS™ custom solution is perfect for the job! We are incredibly proud of her and our partnership with RTI International (RTI) who is well-known throughout the world as a reputable organization that conducts over 400 clinical trials per year! Although she goes by Dr. Bell over at RTI, she has been using her newfound knowledge to help them obtain clinical consent for several of its trials. 

Dr. Bell Explains the Process!

Consent is one of the most critical parts of any clinical trial or research study. You want to make sure the interested individuals are fully educated on every aspect of the trial before they sign up. So, how does a PRSONAS™ Custom Experience do that? Remember how we told you that our PRSONAS™ learn via active learning and not machine learning? Because of this, she can properly explain the clinical trial process and can answer any questions a participant may have to achieve true consent.

In addition to the many roles Daphne can fill such as visitor management, greeter, and wayfinding, she is prepared to handle this too. Why? Because she embodies innovative, interactive technology providing the required consistent delivery of information that is backed by scientific experts. We built the Consenter software specifically for this project, and our team here at PRSONAS™ and RTI are pretty excited about it! 

At PRSONAS™, we create intelligent digital personalities for the financial, transportation, retail, and healthcare industries.  If you ever think about participating in a clinical trial through the Research Triangle Institute, keep an eye out for Dr. Bell and tell her we said, 'Hi'! 



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