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Infographic: A Walk-Through of Digital Wayfinding with a Personality

Downloadable wayfinding infographic

Have you ever walked into a building and had zero clue where to go and no idea who to ask? Or maybe the person sitting at the front desk is busy and you don’t want to bother them with a simple question? That's where a PRSONAS-Wayfinding™ solution comes in!

Powered by AI, a PRSONAS-Wayfinding™ solution is the perfect way to help free up your staff to do the tasks that only a human can do. Imagine helping your guests find the directions they need when they want them in the clearest and most concise way possible! Never losing the human-like engagement.

Want to know how our wayfinding solution will benefit your company? Download the free infographic that shows how it works, the features and benefits of using a safe, touchless indoor digital wayfinding solution without losing that human connection. 

Since 77% of consumers expect to increase their use of touchless technologies to avoid interactions that require physical contact. You may want to -



If your company is looking for an innovative and hands-free way to help your customers find what they are looking for, you may want to see our wayfinding solution in action


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