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PRSONAS-Wayfinding™ intelligent digital wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding is a Step in the Right Direction!

Julia Corbin
2021-07-19 14:00:00

You enter a hospital and look up at all the signage, trying to find the direction of the correct wing, the elevator you need to take to get there, which floor, where your loved one’s room is. You honestly don’t have the brainpower to process and decipher that information because you are there to visit someone you care about and you just want to be on your way to see them.

And the ironic part is that you need directions to find the directory to find directions to where you are going. Read through that again! Funny but not quite funny.

hospital directoryOld school hospital signage

Imagine walking right up to an interactive digital wayfinding avatar that greets you warmly, listens to what you are trying to find, simply gives you the directions, AND lets you know a point of interest along your path (restroom, gift shop, cafeteria, chapel). You may not need any of those things, but you will remember where they are when you do.

 DaNa beforeMeet DaNa!

Digital signage can be pretty cool. We have all seen how technology has come a long way, but in most cases, they are just glorified billboards. They may be backlit and have pretty colors but how doesn’t that REALLY help you find your way?

Or some have the touchscreen that you ‘play’ on them much like an oversized phone or tablet that only works after you click each button a few times and get frustrated with it.

The “You Are Here” sign at the mall with the star is a form of digital wayfinding.

mall map'You are Here!'

But imagine if you walked up that sign in the mall, the girl on the screen smiled and asked what you were looking for?

nGage (1)PRSONAS-Wayfinding™

Ok, that’s cool. She listens to your question and then gives you directions to your desired store. Just saved you from locating the store on the index and then finding #163 on the map itself, then stepping back to assess where you actually are because the “You Are Here” star doesn’t know which way you are facing, am I right? If you have never experienced that in a mall, you may have at a train station, on campus, in a corporate building, you get the picture. Don’t even get me started on the old paper maps that used to be at Information Centers at museums, theme parks, historic sites. Do they even still print those out?

And let’s discuss how some people (looking at you, men) like to...

‘Stop and ask for directions’

Way back in the day, I remember my dad stopping and asking some local person on the street directions to a place. We all remember hearing ‘ok, so you are going to stay on this road for about 3 miles when you get to Old Man Jones’ house you will take a right...’ Honesty, I distinctly remember one time as a teenager stopping and asking for directions. I learned it from my dad. The gentleman that I asked was super nice, happy to help me out, and made me feel good because I was heading in the right direction. Shew, he told me to turn right at the big oak tree and it would be 3 farms down on the right. GREAT! I drove confidently away until I realized that I didn’t quite know what an oak tree looked like. I digress! A PRSONAS™ can’t sit in the passenger seat but what I’m getting at is the behavior.

It’s human nature to reach out to a friendly face for help!

Thankfully, nowadays we don’t have to stop and ask a local. We have some sort of device or our car itself that we can ask for directions. But outside of our cars, or when we aren’t driving around getting lost in some rural area, there are plenty of times we need help with directions. We can’t ask our phone what direction to head in at the airport to know which terminal is flight #872 leaving from and is it boarding, on time, delayed, do I have time to run to go to the restroom or grab a last-minute souvenir at the gift shop? Imagine this, being in a strange airport perhaps in a foreign country so language is a barrier, if you were greeted warmly and could speak your native language, immediately feel a little less stressed and be given clear information about your flight and yes, you do have time to grab a gift. Wouldn’t you walk away feeling like a different person than when you walked in?

PRS airportAirport Wayfinding

Let’s imagine hopping out of a cab or Uber and running into an unfamiliar train station. You are running a bit late for your comfort and let’s be real trains run like clockwork and you simply do not know where the platform is for your train. And you have to purchase a ticket. You look to your left, then right, look left again.

Train stationUnfamiliar train station

You see some signs but none of them tell you where to go for the train you need to get on. Or which side. You start to realize the train station is a lot bigger than you were expecting. You have no choice but to start walking in the direction you think it might be in, but you have no idea. You can’t find an information desk, a map, anything! You don’t even know where you need to go to purchase the ticket. It starts to hit you that your Uber dropped you off on the opposite side of the station from where you need to be. You start running because you only have a few minutes until the train arrives. When you finally find where you can purchase your ticket, you quickly purchase it, and you rush towards your train where you are the last person to be let on.

Now imagine that same situation but walking in to immediately be greeted by Daphne who tells you exactly where you need to go, the fastest way to get there, and how much time you have before your train departs! It would have saved you a lot of stress.

And this scenario is probably one of my favorites: walking into a building where you have a job interview, wouldn't you rather have a conversation with a friendly face, that immediately gives you the information you need and BONUS you have interacted with technology that leaves an impression. Leaving you feeling confident and ready for your interview.


office building signageWould you rather look at this sign?

 PRS_OfficeLobby_DaphneOr talk to a PRSONAS™? 

What if we told you about a digital signage solution where the human experience and self-service meet. Your facility would knock the digital customer experience out of the park (or lobby or reception area actually) with a smart, innovative and memorable solution that provides a valuable benefit to your guests and visitors well beyond their expectations. And if that isn’t enough, let’s see what’s behind door #3… (spoiler alert- it makes these digital signs WAY COOLER)

This digital signage solution uses active learning  So with every interaction she has, she learns more and gives more informed answers! This way she always stays at the top of her game.

Let's sum up everything we learned today, PRSONAS™ is a digital wayfinding solution that gives you all of the benefits of any other human employee. Intelligent, personable (and not to mention super cute!) but without the need for breaks or sick days that can help streamline your digital wayfinding experience. Imagine having a new employee that comes in their first day fully trained and ready to work 24/7! And then what if that same employee only got better and smarter every day with each and every interaction- no need for a day off AND will never ask for a raise? That's PRSONAS-Wayfinding™!

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